N Scale

The first N scale (1:160) model trains were produced in Germany in 1962, but would not make their debut in America until 1967 when Aurora introduced their line of “Postage Stamp Trains.” The designation “N” is short for “nine,” referring to the 9mm gauge between the rails of N scale track. While these early efforts were crude by modern standards, many hobbyists were captivated by the small scale models. Anyone looking to create long main line railroad runs and sweeping scenic vistas without sacrificing space quickly adopted the smaller scale.Today, N scale is only second in popularity to HO scale, with a wide variety of trains and accessories available.

From: Railroad Model Craftsmen Magazine December 25, 2016

Manufacturers That Make Products in This Scale:
Kato, Bachmann, Noch, Faller
Septa (Red, White & Blue) - PCC Streetcar
Septa PCC Streetcar